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There are a number of different personalised items I can create. Especially popular are the hand (or paw) print casts which can be done in clear or coloured glass. If you would like pet prints then I would come to your home with my casting kit, as your animals are likely to be much more relaxed in familiar surroundings and happy to ‘give a paw’. For adults and children’s prints, I can come to your house, or you are welcome to visit my studio. I take the prints in homemade “Play Doh” and then create a plaster cast mould into which I melt glass. 

Glass Handprint Couple and Dogs

I was asked to make a special piece, designated for a selected place in a newly refurbished kitchen. The space lent itself to something wide and thin, and has the hand prints of the couple with their two dogs Shadow and Buster in between. Making the piece in a soft light grey/blue tint works perfectly with the colour scheme of the kitchen as well. You can see all the smallest details in all the prints.

Making a block with a handprint can be part of a larger ‘installation’. How about making separate blocks for each family member, in slightly different colours, and then mount them so they climb a wall?

Glass handprint person and dogs

This lovely piece is just the right shade of colour for this client and her dog Charlie, who managed to get two paws in the picture. I really like the organic shape of it as well. It could be mounted with stand-offs onto a wall or in a box frame should one like to.

Fused glass imprints are an exact record of your  hands, feet or paws, captured in glass, on the day which the impression is taken. They are available in several different sizes and are suitable for babies, children, adults or pets of any age and I can also create bespoke family plaques.


I would love to get the chance to help you capture your family in a piece of art that can be cherished for years.

See the Hand Print Price Guide


Personalised lanterns are a lovely way to create a unique item to record a special time such as a wedding or christening.  They also can form part of a unique record of your family at a point in time.


This lantern has ‘stick figure’ drawings of the three children in the family, created as a birthday gift.

'Family lantern' - custom design
'Family friend 2' glass lantern

For this lantern, I took photographs of the two dogs in the family and used these as the basis for creating two opposing lantern panels; one for each dog.


Lanterns come in a range of different sizes and shapes.  They can be made of metal as in this example or wood.


If you are interested in creating a family lantern, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Let’s work together to create something unique for you

Contact me to discuss your requirements

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