Design Process

All of my work goes through my design process to make sure the finished pieces are right for you and your home. Even when using a previous design, each piece is treated as a newly commissioned piece, ensuring that it’s perfect for its place, stunning and uniquely made for you.

I will work together with you, with samples, mood boards, swatches, pictures and sketches to incorporate the desired colour schemes and themes to ensure that my pieces meet your vision for the finished work.

We welcome and encourage you to get involved throughout the process, both in the design as well as offering you the opportunity to take part in the making of your piece should you want to. This gives the opportunity to feel involved and maybe have a personal touch or hallmark in the finished piece.


Think about the size and format you would like – square, rectangular, triptych, long, thin etc. Some examples can be found on this website and can give a good starting point but don’t feel limited by them. A helpful approach is to place a piece of paper to size on the wall to gauge if that size works.

Reference material such as fabric and paint samples, mood boards, pictures of furniture and the desired location along with inspirational imagery are all very helpful to process to get to a final design. I can also make sample tiles at a low cost (£50 per 30x30cm) to potentially test different options, or to see how the glass design would appear and imagine how it would scale. If we are looking at a kitchen splashback for example, then the sample tile could be placed behind the cooker/hob to see if it would be what you are looking for.


We would arrange a time to visit my studio to discuss your design requirements. This can also be done over a combination of phone, email, video conferencing if meeting in-person is not practical.

When meeting, we will discuss the design, looking at different glass and design options. I will then produce a design proposal that is shared for your approval. If sample tiles are requested, I will produce them to aid a final design decision.

Once we have agreed a final design and want to proceed, I will ask for a 50% deposit.


Upon receipt of the deposit, I will start making your commission. If I have the glass in stock, this will take 1-2 weeks. I will share pictures along the way through the making process to keep you informed as well as offering you the opportunity to get involved and add some more personal finishing touches.

The firing (heating and careful cooling) of the glass in one of my kilns can take up to 3 days, depending on the design.  Depending upon the design, multiple firings may be required to complete the piece

Once the finished design is fired, the remaining 50% payment is due.


I offer an installation service or clients can choose to install the piece themselves.

Splashbacks are usually permanently fitted using a silicone-based adhesive.  Alternatively, they can be fitted with fixings to allow removal at a later date.

Wall panels can be delivered with metal off-stands that are easy to install. Alternative methods of hanging the glass are also available.

Let’s work together to create something unique for you

Contact me to discuss your requirements

See the Splashback Price Guide

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