The environment is important to us and Glass By Tina recognises that it has a responsibility to it.  We seek to go beyond legal and regulatory requirements and are committed to reducing our environmental impact and improving our sustainability position over time.

We will:

  • Comply with all relevant regulatory requirements.
  • Continually improve our environmental performance.
  • Continually strive to reduce our environmental impacts.

We address the common causes of environmental impact in the following ways:

Packaging and paper:  We try to reuse packaging material wherever possible and ensure that when you get products delivered by us, that the packaging used to protect your items is easily recyclable.

Energy:  Firing glass is an energy-intensive process.  We minimise our contribution to global greenhouse emissions from the energy we consume by only using energy from renewable sources to create our glass products.

Transport:  Where possible, we deliver products to you ourselves to better control the environmental impacts of the transport that we use.  We only use delivery services where we cannot deliver to you ourselves that have a carbon neutral commitment.

Hazardous materials:  Glass is coloured by the introduction of other metal salts or minerals.  While all of these salts and minerals are naturally occurring, some are toxic or have other potential environmental impacts, however coloured glass is inert and these compounds are unable to escape.  There are some unavoidable emissions during the firing process;  for example from from kiln paper and primer.  Although these are non-toxic and have a minimal hazard level we do our utmost to minimise their escape into the natural environment.

Finally, glass is a sustainable, fully recyclable material.  Recycling glass at the end of its lifetime saves significant amounts of raw materials and energy compared to the creation of new glass objects.

This policy is updated annually.  The last update to this policy was in April 2020.

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